Balloon Flight

We invite You to an exciting hot air balloon flight, which will allow You to look at the world around you in a new way! An unforgettable spectacle will open before You from the height of the bird's flight. This flight will give You unforgettable sensations, a feeling of freedom and boundless sky!
  • Available: January - December
  • Best time: early morning or evening, no rainfall, wind up to 7 m/s
  • Tour Duration: 1 hour
  • Private Tour
  • Starting Point: Almaty

The price indicated below is for a group of 3 people including children aged 4 and over. A child participates in the tour at the price of an adult.

Price per Person:
  • Tour Date:

  • Departure Time:

  • Adults:

  • Children (aged 4-11):

General information and booking terms

1 hour


Balloon Flight

We offer our guests and residents of Almaty to make a fascinating hot air balloon flight! An unforgettable spectacle will open to you from the height of the birds' flight. You will take a new look at the world around you, climb a balloon above the bustle of the earth and maybe even start a new life. Hot air ballooning is held in picturesque places near Kaskelen-Uzunagach. More than an hour you will spend in a balloon, rising above the clouds and flying over the hills.

For those to whom this seems extreme, instead of free balloon flight, we offer a tethered flight. A balloon tied with several halyards will lift you to a height of 30 meters. After a few minutes of viewing the surroundings and unusual feelings that will overwhelm you, the balloon will safely move down to the ground. Tethered balloon flights are very attractive during mass events (up to 25 people can be lifted in the sky within an hour), and will also arouse special interest among adults and children vacationing in country rest homes, resorts and pioneer camps in Almaty and the region.

Important Information and Recommendations:

    Age restriction: 4+ accompanied by an adult!
    Ballooning is held by experienced pilots, participants of local and international competitions, and therefore is completely safe.
    Compliance with safety precautions and instructor's guidelines will increase safety to a very high level. Tourists are not allowed to flights under the influence of alcohol.

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Balloon Flight

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