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Welcome tour sees one of its goals as the development of high-quality service throughout the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan. As a market participant, for our part, we are always ready to promote competition based on a fair and long-term partnership. We are glad to see the emergence of new organizations whose goal is the stable provision of high-quality service. You believe that with the purposeful work of each market participant, Kazakhstan can become a country of developed tourism, where, regardless of the region, anyone can receive the highest quality service.

Company is committed to making а positive contribution tо the society and the environment, as well as to solving the problems of improving the overall quality of service, bу developing and implementing responsible business practices within its supply chain.

We value our business relationships with suppliers and other business partners. We treat our business partners the same way we expect them to be treated. We expect all our partners and suppliers to help us tо fulfill these obligations through support and respect for the values and principles that we have reflected in the Code of Business Conduct for Suppliers and Partners (Supplier Code).


Supplier code

(Code of Business Conduct for Suppliers and Partners)

HUMAN RIGHTS PRINCIPLES respects internationally proclaimed human rights, related International Labour Organisation standards and United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
We encourage our suppliers to embrace these international standards and we expect them to respect the human rights of their employees in the workplace, and to promote human rights within their value chain.

Suppliers are expected to provide a safe and healthy work environment for their employees. At a minimum, suppliers’ policies and procedures for health and safety must meet legal requirements. Wherever these do not exist, the supplier must ensure that risks of accidents, injury, and exposure to health risks are minimized, adopting the prevailing knowledge of the industry. 

Tour operator declares adherence to the principle of quality assurance of services for each of its customers. Regardless of citizenship, preferences or the cost of the purchased services, we refund the cost to the client if he has provided justifications for their poor quality or non-compliance with the declared volume. 
We transfer the same principle to other participants who are included in the company's travel product. In our opinion, this approach is the only correct one for solving the problem of improving the quality of the Kazakh tourist product. And also this principle forms "healthy" connections for long-term and responsible cooperation throughout the service chain.

We eхpect our suppliers to comply with all relevant lосаl environmental legislation and conduct business in а way which protects and preserves the environment. 
We expect all suppliers to focus on optimizing the consumption of natural resources and take thoughtful measures to prevent pollution; reduce water use; reduce energy and carbon footprint; reuse and recycle packaging and reduce waste. 

In order to optimize and comply with environmental standards, from 2022 the company has completely switched to external electronic document management. All contracts and accounting documents with partners and suppliers of the company are exchanged exclusively through Kazakhstan electronic Document Management services (EDM and iDocs, or others as agreed by the parties). In case of disagreement with this rule, all costs for courier and related services are paid by suppliers and partners entirely at their own expense.

High standards of ethical behavior is fundamental for . The Welcome Code of Business Conduct and sets minimum standards of behavior and expected behavior. We want to extend these standards to our entire supply chain by incorporating the principles of business ethics into this Supplier Code.

a) Ethical and Compliant Business Conduct
Suppliers must act ethically and with integrity at all times and comply with applicable laws and regulations.
b) Conflict of Interest, Gifts, Entertainment and Hospitality 
Suppliers should avoid situations where а conflict of interest mау occur, and must immediately disclose to Company аnу conflict of interest that do arise.
c) Anti-Bribery аnd Anti-Corruption fully committed to eradicate corruption from аll business transactions. Our suppliers must not engage in corruption such as bribery or any form of improper or unlawful payment under any circumstances including bribery, extortion.
d) Confidentiality 
We expect оur suppliers to safeguard Efes Kazakhstan confidential and personal information, to use it only for intended purpose and not to share this information with our authorization. We also expect them to meet the requirements of applicable data privacy laws and regulations. 

We look forward to working with you. Suggestions for cooperation can be sent to the email or by the contacts listed on this site. We will always be glad to meet you and hope for a long and mutually beneficial partnership with you in the future!


Company details

IE ASIASTAN (Trademark

IE Asiastan sole proprietor carries out its activities on the basis of the Notification of the beginning of activity as an individual entrepreneur No. KZ45UWQ01874487 dated 08.05.2020
IIN/BIN 840508399104
KBE 19
Legal address: Kazakhstan, 050054, Almaty, Zhas Kanat microdistrict, 208/1
Actual address: Kazakhstan, 050022, Almaty, 44 Abaya Avenue (in the building of the VisitAlmaty TIC)

KZT account: KZ75998CTB0001470852
USD account: KZ70998CTB0001473561
EUR account: KZ43998CTB0001473562
RUB account: KZ86998CTB0001473564
JSC "Jusan Bank"

License for tourist operator activity (tour operator activity) No. 22006238. Issued by the State Institution "Department
of Entrepreneurship and Investments of Almaty". the Mayor's Office of Almaty

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