The Best of Almaty Tour: City

During this tour you will visit the most interesting places of the southern capital of Kazakhstan, touch the history of the city in Almaty Museum, admire the beauty of Zenkov Cathedral in Park of 28 Panfilov Guardsmen, and enjoy the traditional spirit of trade at Green Bazaar!
  • Tour Duration: 3 Hours
  • Meeting Point: Astana International Hotel
  • Group Tour
  • Schedule: March-October, on Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday at 14:00
Rating: 9.8/10 Reviews: 25

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3 Hours


16 km

14 km

2 km
The Best of Almaty Tour: City







The Best of Almaty Tour: City

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Оксана Кореева
09 december 2019, 16:42

Rating: 10/10

Christine J
12 november 2019, 19:20

Rating: 10/10

Overall it’s been a nice experience to walk around Almaty. I like the bazaar more particularly. Unfortunately the fog was there too and we could not have the view on the city from the hill top where there was then not much to do.

Galyna Biletska
24 july 2019, 20:57

Rating: 10/10

Anel was great. She knows a lot about the city and kept tellings many interesting details. Had a great time. Thank you for another wonderful trip with your company.

07 july 2019, 20:04

Rating: 10/10

I originally booked on to do a group tour of Almaty with Green Bazaar (3h) - when this arrived it transpired that happily I was the only person on the tour. My guide Alex was professional and knowledgable and very friendly. I was so impressed with this tour that I decided to see if they had any tours to Big Almaty Lake the next day - unfortunately not but I was able to book a private tour to the lake for the next day.

This was worth every penny - I was picked up from my hotel, ate some local food, stopped by the President's Park, went up to the lake, took in a falconry show, and got a good overview of the city from the ski jumps. Again, my guide Shakh was knowledgable and friendly. In fact, on both of these tours I didn't feel like a tourist with a guide, it felt like being out with friends.

I would highly recommend anyone travelling to Almaty to book tours with this company. I have had no problems and if I came back to Almaty or Kazakhstan I would definitely use this company again.

21 march 2019, 20:02

Rating: 10/10

Great tour. A friendly and professional guide makes all the difference. Plenty to see and well worth it.

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