Burabai National Park Day Tour

Day tour to "Kazakh Switzerland" - a fantastic area with unique and inimitable beauty of landscapes, created by nature from the blue mirror lakes, majestic mountain scenery, pine forests and deciduous groves.
  • Meeting Point: Astana-Baiterek Monument
  • Tour Duration: 3 Hours
  • Group Tour
  • Schedule: May-October, on Wednesdays and Sundays at 09.00
Rating: 9.7/10 Reviews: 28

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General information and booking terms

10 Hours


553 km

550 km

3 km
Burabai National Park Day Tour

Places of Interest:

Important Information and Recommendations:

    This tour is not recommended for children aged 3 and under
    The tour involves long hikes
    Convenient sportswear and footwear is required for this tour




Burabai National Park Day Tour

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Falk Von Schonfels
04 november 2019, 16:47

Rating: 10/10

I especially, liked the fact that I didn't feel rushed.

Алексей Дмитриев
03 november 2019, 12:47

Rating: 10/10

Очень комфортная поездка, интересные легенды, многознающий компетентный гид. Посетили действительно уникальный зеленый уголок Казахстана. Спасибо большое нашему гиду Сауле за интересные рассказы и водителю.

Yuji Tsuchiya
03 november 2019, 12:06

Rating: 10/10

Very good and kind guide

Tridibes Babu
03 november 2019, 08:17

Rating: 10/10

Kamila was a great guide. Thanks

Johannes Wenisch
03 november 2019, 07:52

Rating: 10/10

Raj Pabaki
11 september 2019, 09:30

Rating: 10/10

Excellent in all respects. Thank you! Very good and safe. Thank you for the snacks

08 september 2019, 07:30

Rating: 10/10

08 september 2019, 07:28

Rating: 10/10

Very interesting! Service perfect. Good driver. Good interesting explanation. would do it again with sunshine

Allan Franklin
04 september 2019, 07:52

Rating: 10/10

Excellent! Very clean. Very good

Kate Liebelt
26 august 2019, 15:50

Rating: 10/10


Review of: Burabai National Park Group Day Tour from Nur-Sultan

I just want to say thank you to ACT for organizing an interesting, comfortable, convenience day trip for me to Burabai, hosted by the brilliant Genghis and our excellent driver Serge. I had one day to go sightseeing outside of Nur-Sultan and this package perfectly aligned with my schedule. Genghis was warm and friendly from the moment he picked me up at our meeting point. Serge whisked us away in a very comfortable and clean car to Burabai. I learned so much during my conversation with Genghis, got to see the awesome natural beauty of the magical green Burabai forest in the middle of the steppe, and made it home in time for a delicious dinner at a restaurant recommended by Genghis and Serge. The day wouldn't have been complete without picking up a delicious jar of honey at a roadside farmer's market. Thank you Genghis and Serge for an amazing day! Kate Liebelt

Customer Care

Thank You for your feedback, Kate Liebelt! We are glad that you liked our service!

25 august 2019, 11:21

Rating: 10/10

Helen Kate Liebelt
21 august 2019, 07:51

Rating: 10/10

Incredibly informative and engaging guide. Excellent! Perfect! very comfortable and safe. Perfect for the trip! I will recommend to family, friend and colleague!

Barbara Jahn
11 august 2019, 17:35

Rating: 10/10

Great guide. Thanks for the nice day! Super photographic skills! We liked the champagne!

Завалишина Евгения
10 august 2019, 07:52

Rating: 10/10

Ирина Николаевна
07 august 2019, 11:26

Rating: 10/10

Jeroen van der Donck
31 july 2019, 15:23

Rating: 9/10

Сергей Маслов
25 july 2019, 15:41

Rating: 10/10

Огромное спасибо компании за предоставленного гида - Жаннат Нургалиеву. В целом тур получился удачным! Обязательно постараемся вернуться ещё раз к вам! Спасибо за тёплый приём и радушный приём! Наши гиды Оксана и Жаннат - выше всяких похвал, берегите их пожалуйста! Так держать и до новых встреч!

Ying Wong
24 july 2019, 12:52

Rating: 10/10

Tanadcha Therdwikrant
21 july 2019, 16:50

Rating: 10/10

the is very nice and helpful

Liz Bamforth
30 june 2019, 09:28

Rating: 10/10

26 june 2019, 16:20

Rating: 9/10

Very friendly and kind.

John Purcell
19 june 2019, 16:45

Rating: 10/10

Very friendly. I feel very safe.

Chee Koo
19 june 2019, 16:22

Rating: 9/10

Daniel Pinto
05 june 2019, 13:45

Rating: 9/10

amazing. Would love to do it again. Perfect service. Good and comfortable. Best meal.

Claudia Von Selle
02 june 2019, 13:04

Rating: 9/10

Kerry David Burns
26 may 2019, 12:18

Rating: 8/10

Excellent! Funny, interesting. Really great! Good safe driver. Just no personality at all. No problem - just old.

Belinda Young
05 may 2019, 17:11

excellent knowledgeable !

David Hatch
28 april 2019, 13:08

Rating: 9/10

Great, very helpful and informative

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