Golden Ring of Zhetisu 5-Day Tour Package

An exceptional opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the all major natural attractions of Almaty region! In this route: colorful Aktau mountains also known as open-air paleontological museum, Singing Sand Dune, Charyn Canyon reminding the Grand Canyon of Colorado River in North America, Kolsai Lakes – «Pearls of the Northern Tien-Shan» and unique in its beauty Kaindy Lake, which magnificent pine forest sticking out of the water at an altitude of 2000 meters above sea level cannot leave you indifferent. If you want to see the daily routine of real Kazakh families in their houses, to have a trekking in the pristine mountain nature, to see the vastness of the steppe, to have a glimpse to Kapshagay water reservoir, the biggest in the area, with its "Kazakh Las-Vegas", and visit the unique natural treasures of Kazakhstan - this tour is for you!
  • Availability: March-October
  • Tour Duration: 5 Days
  • Meeting Point: Astana International Hotel
  • Group Tour
Rating: 9.3/10 Reviews: 19

Price per Person:
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General information and booking terms

5 days


1170 km

1152 km

18 km
Golden Ring of Zhetisu 5-Day Tour Package

Important Information and Recommendations:

    A current valid passport is required on the day of travel
    This tour is not recommended for children aged 3 and under
  • The tour involves long hikes

  • This tour requires comfortable, sporty clothing for the weather, windproof and waterproof jacket in a cold weather season; closed, walking-friendly shoes: boots in the cold season, sneakers or similar - in a warm; sunglasses and sunscreen, headdress; personal backpack to carry water and lunch during sightseeing at Aktau mountains.

  • Please advise any specific dietary requirements at time of booking (traditional local cuisine includes mostly lamb or beef, dough, milk products)
    Since a part of the tour route lies through roads with clayey soil which may be blurred during the rain, access to some sightseeing sites may be restricted




Golden Ring of Zhetisu 5-Day Tour Package

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Pellino Rocco
26 october 2019, 18:52

Rating: 8/10

Hugo Cesar Gutierrez
20 september 2019, 17:56

Rating: 10/10

16 september 2019, 17:58

Rating: 10/10

I think Gulmira is a great guide, and I think she`s just going to get better.Driver was fast and safe, and friendly.

Светлана Тютикова
16 september 2019, 17:53

Rating: 9/10

Необходимо предупреждать туристов об уровне физической подготовки на маршруте Кольсай, о необходимости снаряжения (палки и обувь для треккинга).

Hugo Cesar Gutierrez
09 september 2019, 17:54

Rating: 10/10

Thierry Balla
23 august 2019, 17:08

Rating: 10/10

Iskander is highly competent very calm and nice person. The "Golden Ring of Zhetisu" is a very interesting tour. A lot of wonderful sites on the road, and very well timed and organized. …

19 august 2019, 17:11

Rating: 8/10

Хороший гид. Отличный водитель Слава. В Саты еда на 10 баллов! В Басши еда была очень жирная, масляная и санитарные условия не очень. В Басши было плохо (проживание). В Саты один туалет и ванна на 8 человек- мало.

Anderson Hannah
09 august 2019, 18:03

Rating: 9/10

I enjoyed listening to Viktoriya telling us about everything. She could answer every quesrtion. Thank you for being such a good guide!
Slava ws the best driver ever! He drove very safe and could drive on almost any terrain!
The car was in good condition. There was enough space and good air conditioning.
The food was always really good and I'll miss it a lot!
I liked thehomestays and the hotspring hotel was also nice.
I really loved the tour! Sometimes it was a bit hot but Viktoriya always gave us plenty of time to rest. everyday was special. I loved seeing all the beautiful nature and culture. The food here is amazing nd I'll miss it a lot when I get back home. It was a real adventure to go hiking in the mountains and climbing the Singing Dune. I also enjoyed the homestays! The people were always very friendly and their homemade food was the best! The lake with the trees in it was the most special and beautiful lake I've ever seen. I wish I could go there as spoon as possible. I'd really want to thank Slava for driving us everywhere. He was a good driver who drove safely. I'd also want to thank Victoria for bringing us to all these amazing places! I enjoyed the tour a lot and I'll remember this trip for a long time. I can't wait to come back here again!

Jamie Anderson
09 august 2019, 18:01

Rating: 10/10

The guide was very attentive. For example, provided large bottles of water.
Very safe driving. Always very helpful. The food was overall good. Overall an excellent tour, with very good guide + driver.

09 august 2019, 17:57

Rating: 9/10

Very kind and capable driver. … very safe.
Absolutely lovely tour with fantastic sights, stunning scenery.
Loved the homestays and th delicious local foods. Loved the surprises for my birthday! Was one of my best birthdays ever! Thank you Viktoriya!
Very good service from guide and the driver. Both vry kind and friendly. Great local hospitality, very friendly. Loved it that Viktoriya was always ready to answer the questions, to act as an intermediory between us and local people. Would definitely do it again! ... very well looked after.

Caroline Maurel
09 august 2019, 17:56

Rating: 10/10

Thank you for everyting Viktoriya!
Best driver ever! The vehicle was very good but a better air conditioner would be perfect! I ask vegetarian food and our host prepare a meal without meat just for me every time! The third guest house were really perfect! Victoria was very kind and very listening with the whole group. We vesited a lot of different plaes very beutiful in a different ways and ern a lot of stories and legends about Kazakhstan thanks to Victoria.
The guest houses were also very typical and I was very happy to discover those ways of life and these houses from inside. Thank you to all the team. I'd recommend this tour without hesitation.

Antoine Bonerandi
09 august 2019, 17:53

Rating: 10/10

Good vehicle but it was super hot ad it would have been good to have better air conditioner.
The tour was great. We saw amazing places, very different from each other. And the rhythm was good as well.
Victoriya was very careful with us, and made sure everything went great t anytime. It was great duscovering Kazakhstan landcapes and culture with her.
And the driver, Slava, was very petient, always on time and drove very well on difficult roads.
Thank you for everything.

Ries Anderson
04 august 2019, 18:06

Rating: 9/10

The driver was very good and friendly, knew a lot about the local cuisine. The vehicle was quite comfortable.
I enjoyed the tour and discovered a lot of new things about Kazakhstan. I did not enjoy waking up so early every morning.
I especially enjoyed walking up to the lakes.

20 september 2018, 17:45

Rating: 9/10

Одна холодная ночь в домике без отопления

Зинаида Рамзаева
20 september 2018, 17:30

Rating: 9/10

Позитивно, увлекательно, доступно,домашняя национальная кухня, вкусно и разнообразно

Or Sagi
16 august 2018, 17:27

Rating: 10/10

Carolin Gulden
31 may 2018, 18:07

Rating: 9/10

nice guys, real nice company, good knowledge about the area we visited and the history

Lorena Trevisan
31 may 2018, 17:57

Rating: 8/10

The guide was prepared and friendly. Excellent driver who has demonstrated ability, safety and precision

Константин Смирнов
04 april 2018, 12:45

Rating: 10/10

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