Inbound Tour Operator has the largest staff of its own professional and certified guides. All guides are trained under the program of the World Tourism Organization of the United Nations (UNWTO) together with one of the leading universities of Kazakhstan. According to the requirements of the Law “On Tourism Activities of the Republic of Kazakhstan” and the Law “On Permits and Notifications”, all the guides are listed in the state electronic register of guides and tourism instructors, have the appropriate guide certificate and legally carry out their activities on the Kazakhstan territory.

Working with a professional certified specialist, you do not risk your safety and get a high level of service. is the only tour operator which guarantees the quality of its services. If you have complaints about work of our specialists, we will refund you amount paid for their services.

Detailed information about each guide can be seen in his personal page, where you can also evaluate and comment the work of the guide. All the reviews are entered on the site by our guests, or, with the consent of the guests, are transferred to the site from paper. All posted reviews are not edited, so you can see the most objective rating of each guide. 

Attention! During the high tourist season (April-October), most of the guides are in active work and booking of the particular guide is not guaranteed.