Charyn Canyon Day Tour

Unforgettable journey to one of the unique natural monuments of Kazakhstan - Charyn Canyon! Located in 190 km from Almaty the canyon leaves a lasting impression with its grand splendor and beauty...
  • Available: January-December, Daily at 09:00
  • Tour Duration: 10 Hours
  • Starting Point: Hotel Pickup
  • Private Tour
Rating: 9.6/10 Reviews: 26

Private tour price depends on the number of people in the group, including children aged 4 and over. A child participates in the tour at the price of an adult. The price (per person) indicated below is for a group of 2 persons.

Price per Person:
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General information and booking terms

10 Hours


447 km

440 km

7 km
Charyn Canyon Day Tour

Important Information and Recommendations:

    The tour involves long hikes
    Convenient sportswear and footwear is required for this tour




Charyn Canyon Day Tour

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11 march 2020, 20:05

Rating: 10/10

My guide, Iskander, was really good.It was my third day with him, and it was very comfortable. The driver was also very professional. It took three hours to get to the canyon. I love the type of landscape we drove through.
We had a few stops along the way. The canyon was beautiful, the day perfect. We walked to the river, then took the truck back. After that, we went out on an outcropping to have my photo in traditional dress and with the Kazakh flag. A perfect ending to the trip there.
I was then on my way to the border to Kyrgyzstan, where Iskander waited until I cleared the border.
A wonderful trip and guide.

Айджанова Эльвира
29 october 2019, 16:24

Rating: 10/10

Организация тура замечательная. Покидаем Алматы с незабываемыми впечатлениями как от изумительных мест, так и от профессионального и интересного гида! Спасибо!!

07 august 2019, 19:58

Rating: 10/10

We have used ACT Kazakhstan for a tour at lake Almaty and the following day for a tour at Charyn Canyon. We were very happy with both tours and Anel made our tour even more pleasant - excellent tour guide. Highly recommend ACT Kazakhstan and their tours / tour guides.

11 june 2019, 21:21

Rating: 10/10

I nspent a week in Kazakhstan as a solo traveler and arranged four one-day tours with Almaty City Tour (The best of Almaty 7 hours, Big Almaty Lake, Charyn Canyon, Astana Grand Tour). All tours included a driver, guide, hotel pickup. The office was very responsive and a good resource for questions on travel rules/logistics. I needed to cancel my visit the prior year before 7 days start the tour, and my deposit was refunded promptly. Remember to bring a jacket, because Kazakhstan can be very windy.

David Bielanski
25 april 2019, 16:16

Rating: 9/10

Iskander was excellent. Polite, informative. He was very helpful & accommodated our needs. He made our trip very ensouable and memorable.

Driver: Aidar's servie & driving was exceptional. We were very glad to have him on our tours.
Car: Brand new car in excellent condition.

Food on Charyn Canyon tour was good

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