VIP-services at Almaty International Airport on arrival

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VIP-services at Almaty International Airport - arrival
VIP-services at Almaty International Airport - arrival

The VIP-lounge is located to the left of the main entrance of the main airport terminal and has a separate entrance.


The VIP-lounge staff meets the arriving passengers with a board with the surname of the passenger or group leader in case there are several tourists arriving.
In the case of parking at the sleeve, the agent meets at the exit of the plane. In the case of remote parking, the passenger/group will be met at the aircraft ramp in a separate vehicle.
Guests must go to the VIP-lounge attendant and identify themselves. If the passengers who have arrived have luggage, a VIP-lounge employee will take the luggage checks. Later the luggage will be delivered to the lounge and given personally to the passenger.
After all the passengers have arrived at the meeting place, they will be taken to the VIP-lounge in a separate transport. If desired, any guest can order a separate bus for an additional cost by ordering in advance.

Passengers are not allowed to leave the airfield by themselves!

At the entrance to the VIP-lounge a dispatcher of the hall will help guests to pass through passport and customs control through a separate corridor in the common hall. If necessary, representatives of customs control can ask passengers to put their hand luggage on the screening device. If there is even a small amount of foreign currency, passengers should fill in a declaration.
While guests are waiting for their luggage to be picked up, they can use the bar in the VIP-lounge for an additional fee. You can pay for your order in local currency by cash or credit card. Tea and coffee are included.
If passengers are met by someone, they are waiting for the guest outside the VIP-lounge. The greeters can go to the VIP-lounge by paying in advance.

The list of services provided in the VIP-lounge on arrival:

  • Round-the-clock acceptance of preliminary applications for passenger service;
  • Meeting of arriving passengers by agents with a nameplate and escort to the VIP-lounge;
  • Assistance in processing necessary documents for passport and customs control;
  • Information for the passengers of VIP-lounge on flights in Almaty airport;
  • Comfortable waiting lounges;
  • Provision of local telephony;
  • Free provision of Internet and WI-FI;
  • Providing illustrated magazines in Kazakh, Russian and English;
  • Assistance in calling medical personnel, if necessary;
  • Providing a "Private Room" in the VIP-room at the approved rate;

ARRIVAL:  75 USD per person (unaccompanied adults and children). 
*Accompanied children under 2 years old - no charge
**Accompanied children at age from 3 to 12 years - 50% discount
*** Persons with disabilities (all categories of disability, upon presentation of the original document confirming disability and issued by an authorized body).

Admission to VIP Lounge for persons meeting and accompanying passengers on VIP arrival/departure: 30 USD per person

Use of "Private room" in the VIP lounge for 1 hour: 97 USD.

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VIP-services at Almaty International Airport - arrival

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