Otrar and Turkistan Day Tour

Invite you to visit the oldest cities in Kazakhstan - Otrar, the birthplace of medieval philosopher and scientist Al Farabi, and Turkistan, the burial place of the poet and preacher Khoja Ahmed Yassawi. His mausoleum, built by Emir Timur, is a masterpiece of medieval architecture, which has become one of the main worship places of Muslims...
  • Available: March-October
  • Best Period: March-April, September-October
  • Tour Duration: 1 Day
  • Starting Point: Shymkent
  • Private Tour

Private tour price depends on the number of people in the group, including children aged 4 and over. A child participates in the tour at the price of an adult. The price (per person) indicated below is for a group of 2 persons.

Cost per 1 person
for a group of 2 people:
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  • Departure Time:

  • Adults:

  • Children (aged 4-11):

General information and booking terms

1 Day


Otrar and Turkistan Day Tour

Places of Interest:

Important Information and Recommendations:

    From May to August air temperature in the daytime can reach +35+40°C (+95+104°F)
    This tour requires comfortable clothing and walking-friendly shoes

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Otrar and Turkistan Day Tour

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