Akmola Region is located in the central part of Kazakhstan and surrounds the capital of Kazakhstan – the city of Nur-Sultan. Although the capital is located on the territory of the region, it is not part of it but forms a kind of enclave. The region's main city is Kokshetau.

In the Akmola Region, the climate is sharply continental, with hot summers and freezing cold winters. The lowest air temperature ever in Kazakhstan was recorded there. It hit a low of -57°C (-70.6°F) in January of 1893. The area is also known for strong winds and snowstorms, so make sure to wear warm clothes if you're visiting in winter.


People lived on the territory of the modern-day Akmola Region from times immemorial. In the Botai-Burabay Museum, located in Borovoe, ancient dwellings of the Botai culture (c. 3700–3100 BC) were reconstructed. These tribes are believed to have domesticated the horse for the first time in history. In the Middle Ages, there were headquarters of famous rulers – Abylai Khan, Kasym Khan, and Kenesary Khan, who played a significant role in the history of Kazakhstan. During Stalin-era repressions, exiles from all over the USSR were brought to the Akmola Region. There was one of the most terrible Gulag camps – Akmola Camp for the Wives of Traitors to the Motherland. During the reign of Nikita Khrushchev, the Virgin Lands campaign was started in the region to boost agricultural production. Currently, manufacturing industries, agriculture and, of course, tourism are actively developing there.

Why is the Akmola Region worth visiting?

The Akmola Region is home to one of the most popular resort areas in Kazakhstan – Borovoe (Burabay). This is the land of pine forests, huge rocks and clear lakes, which is often called «Kazakh Switzerland.» The resort area boasts a developed infrastructure, many wellness resorts, hotels, and even ski resorts. The area makes for a perfect and relaxing getaway: visitors can improve their health away from the bustle of the city, take horse rides, climb mountain peaks or swim in clear lakes.

The region is also home to several national parks such as Buiratau National Park, Burabay National Park, Kokshetau National Park, and Korgaljyn National Park. Each of them is a refuge for rare species of animals and plants, and each is unique in its own way. For example, the world's northernmost population of pink flamingos nests on Lake Tengiz in the Korgaljyn National Park.


updated: 16 january 2023

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