Thanks to its stunningly beautiful nature, the Almaty Region has become the most popular tourist destination in Kazakhstan. It's like a miniature Kazakhstan where you can see glaciers and alpine meadows, wander through coniferous forests, walk among sand dunes, or admire deep canyons in just one day.

By presidential decree, in June 2022, the Almaty Region was decreased in size and its northeastern territories now form the new Zhetysu Region. In the south of the newly shaped Almaty Region, the Northern Tien Shan Mountains stretch. In the northwest, there lies Lake Balkhash. In the northeast, the Ili River flows, and in the east, the region borders China.

Why is the Almaty Region worth visiting?

While the region is packed with natural wonders, its historical sights are no less fascinating. For many centuries, the Almaty Region was inhabited by different tribes and peoples who left behind unique rock paintings, burial mounds, and ruins of ancient settlements. Not far from the city of Almaty, archaeologists found the famous Golden Man, a Saka warrior in golden armor, who became a symbol of Kazakhstan.

Almaty Region is also a great destination for beachgoers. The amazing Lake Balkhash and the Kapchagay Reservoir with their sand beaches are popular among vacationers. Also, the region is home to hot springs and several ski resorts.

The region also encompasses the country's best canyons, gorges, and crystal-clear mountain lakes. Every year, thousands of tourists flock to the Charyn Canyon, Lake Issyk, Assy Plateau, Kolsay Lakes, and Lake Kaindy. However, the mountains are what the region is known for. Here rise the peaks of the Northern Tien Shan with the highest point of Kazakhstan – Mount Khan Tengri.


updated: 09 january 2023

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