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Panfilov and Zhibek Zholy streets


There are numerous fantastic locations for taking a stroll in Almaty, including the pedestrian streets of Panfilov and Zhibek Zholy. These areas are not only well-loved by local residents, but also draw in numerous tourists to the southern capital.

Panfilov Street

The pedestrian street of Panfilov is named after Major General Ivan Panfilov, known for his role in the defense of Moscow in 1941, during World War II. In 2017, the street underwent a renovation to enhance its beauty and functionality for the community.

Stretching from Kabanbai Batyr Street to Zhibek Zholy Avenue, Panfilov Street offers an abundance of amenities for a delightful and leisurely walk. With workout zones, playgrounds, diverse dining options, craft shops, benches, and various installations, there is something for everyone. The walking path has been covered with granite tiles for a comfortable experience, and the street has been further improved with new trees and lighting.Улица Панфилова

As you stroll down Panfilov Street, take in the captivating paintings by local street artists, as well as the vibrant and entertaining performances by independent dance and music groups. This pedestrian street is a must-visit for anyone looking to experience the cultural richness and vibrant atmosphere of Almaty.

Along Panfilov Street, there are many art objects, monuments, as well as the following attractions:

Zhibek Zholy Avenue

Zhibek Zholy Avenue is a cultural hub of Almaty, steeped in history dating back to 1883 as the city's first stone-paved street. Often referred to as «Arbat», a nod to Moscow's famous street, Zhibek Zholy offers a unique and diverse experience for visitors.

Улица Жибек Жолы

Walking along the pedestrian area, one can enjoy the sights and sounds of local musicians and artists showcasing their talents, as well as shop for souvenirs. The avenue also features benches for relaxation, a variety of dining options, a wall of memory honoring the late Viktor Tsoi, a mall, and various shops offering clothing, accessories, confectionery, shoes, and more. Festival-goers may even be lucky enough to stumble upon a cultural or artistic event such as ArbatFest.

Zhibek Zholy boasts an abundance of amenities for a delightful walking experience, including fountains, decorative structures, playgrounds, and workout zones. This avenue is a must-visit for anyone looking to soak in the cultural pulse of Almaty.

Other tourist attractions near the Panfilov and Zhibek Zholy Streets:


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