North Kazakhstan region is divided into 13 districts. There is only one large city in the region, Petropavlovsk. There are five small towns. The remaining settlements are settlements and villages with a population of fewer than 10 thousand people. Most of the cultural sites of the region are located in Petropavlovsk, the significant natural attractions are located near the settlements and villages.

Almost the entire territory of North Kazakhstan region is occupied by steppes and forest-steppes. Winters here are quite long and frosty, in summer the region is warm, on some days in some villages the temperature can rise to +40 °C (104°F)

The history of the region is still short: the official date of its foundation is 1936. Before that time, the region belonged to the Omsk Province. Most of the population of the North-Kazakhstan region is Russian (60%).

updated: 26 august 2021

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