The North Kazakhstan Region occupies only 3.6% of the country's territory and borders Russia in the north. There is only one major city called Petropavlovsk and five smaller towns. The rest are villages with a population of less than 10 thousand people. 

Almost the entire territory of the North Kazakhstan Region is occupied by steppes and forests. Winters here are quite cold and long while summers are hot. Sometimes the temperature can go up as high as +40oC (104oF).

Why is the North Kazakhstan Region worth visiting?

Despite the fact that the North Kazakhstan Region is the smallest region in Kazakhstan, it is filled with natural attractions and historical monuments. The main destinations are the amazing Imantau and Shalkar Lakes, surrounded by coniferous forests. The area is similar to the popular Borovoe Resort Area but sees fewer tourists so you can enjoy almost pristine conditions and a truly serene environment there. If you are interested in the history of Kazakhstan, you should definitely visit the Residence of Abylai Khan, the great ruler of the Golden Horde. Some may be interested in the Memorial Complex of Karasai and Agyntai Batyrs, the warriors who defended their native land from invaders. There are more destinations that are worth your attention so be sure to visit the region to explore its many wonders.

updated: 09 january 2023

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