Pavlodar Region, located in the extreme northeast of the country, was formed in 1938. The Irtysh River, the longest river in Kazakhstan, flows through the region giving life to forests and grasslands. The region's biggest city and administrative center is Pavlodar. As of 2022, a little over 750 thousand people live in the region. 


The climate is sharply continental. Winters are rather cold (cold weather can last up to 5.5 months a year), while summers are hot but quite short. 

Why is the Pavlodar Region worth visiting?

The region's most notable natural attraction is the Bayanaul National Park which shelters rich flora and fauna. The park is a great holiday destination with 35 resorts available for tourists. The area is also perfect for trekking: there are 11 hiking trails and a special botanical trail. Those who want to improve their health should look no further than Moiyldy Wellness Resort located on the territory of the Bayanaul National Park. The resort is named after the lake whose water is believed to have healing properties. 

In addition to the Bayanaul National Park, the Pavlodar Region contains three more fantastically picturesque protected areas:

  • Kyzyl Tau Nature Reserve
  • Ertis Ormany Nature Reserve
  • Irtysh River Nature Reserve

Another unique landmark of the Pavlodar Region is the Goose Flight Paleontological Site. There you can see remains of Neogene animals that lived about 7-10 million years ago. They include saber-toothed tiger, three-toed horse (Hipparion), rhino, giraffe, and deer. 


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