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Pavlodar region is one of the 14 regions of Kazakhstan, located in the extreme northeast of the republic, which was formed in 1938. The Irtysh River, the longest river in Kazakhstan, flows through the region. The region got its name from the name of its administrative center, the city of Pavlodar.

As of today, Pavlodar region consists of three cities: Pavlodar, Ekibastuz, and Aksu, as well as many small settlements; the region itself is divided into 10 districts. As of 2021, more than 751 thousand people live in the region. 

A remarkable fact is that the Pavlodar region is one of the most industrial areas in Kazakhstan. There are large plants and factories of chemical, oil refining, fuel and energy, and furniture industries, as well as developed ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy, machine building, metal processing, and building materials industry.  


The climate is sharply continental; the region is located in the temperate climatic zone. Such climatic indicators confirm the fact that Pavlodar region has a rather harsh and long winter (cold and snow can last up to 5.5 months a year), little perceptible off-season and hot, but short summer. 

What is Pavlodar region interesting for tourists?

The pride of Pavlodar region is the Bayanaul National Nature Park, with its wealth of flora and fauna. The Bayanaul Nature Park is a great choice to spend your vacation: there are various resort areas, in which 35 different recreation centers are located. In addition to rest and recreation in the natural park, you can go trekking: for this, there are several hiking trails (11 in total) and a special botanical trail. For those who want to improve their health, there is a specialized sanatorium “Moyyldy” on the territory of Bayanaul National Nature Park. The sanatorium is named after the lake of the same name, which has medicinal properties. 

In addition to Bayanaul Nature Park in Pavlodar region there are 3 more specially protected natural areas:

  • the state zoological reserve “Kyzyl-Tau”
  • the natural forest reserve “Ertis Ormany”
  • the state natural reserve “Irtysh River floodplain”

These natural areas are extremely picturesque and have a wealth of flora and fauna.

Another unique object of the Pavlodar region is the natural monument “Goose Flight”. This paleontological natural monument was discovered in 1928 in the northwest of Pavlodar and represents unique burials of Neogene animals that lived about 7-10 million years ago. These include saber-toothed tiger, three-toed horse (Hipparion), special species of rhinos, giraffes, and deer. As of today, the “Goose Flight” belongs to the natural monuments of national importance. 


updated: 29 august 2021

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