Shymkent is the oldest city in Kazakhstan, located at the junction of three regions: Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, and the northern regions of Kazakhstan. The sunniest city of the country has developed mountain and ecotourism, preserved historical sites of different times, and created excellent conditions for hunting and fishing.

Historians say that Shymkent is at least eight centuries old, but after an examination at the 48th UNESCO conference in November 2019, the figure of 2,200 years was officially recognized. For a Kazakhstan city, this is a respectable age, and historical monuments are especially revered here. The country's authorities have included Shymkent in the Cultural Heritage Program, planning to turn the city center into a historical and cultural park.

The city, where there are 300 days of sunshine a year, has a well-developed tourist infrastructure. There is everything here: green parks and a huge arboretum, theaters and museums, restaurants and cafes. Thanks to almost eternal summer fruits and vegetables in Shymkent are sold quite inexpensively, and the average restaurant check is significantly less than in neighboring regions.

The ancient city has a lot of private housing, more than other large cities in Kazakhstan. Every man living in Shymkent considers it his duty to build a solid beautiful house.In general, the traditions are very honored here —there is no other neighboring region that has so many weddings as in Shymkent.

updated: 02 september 2021

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