Kazakhstan in Brief

Snow-covered peaks of the Tien-Shan and alpine meadows, spacious African savannahs and prairies of Texas, Swiss mountain lakes surrounded by coniferous forests, and a real Siberian taiga, sand dunes of Sahara, and majestic canyons of Colorado and Arizona. modern metropolises and monuments of ancient times. To see all this, you probably need to travel halfway around the globe. 
But no, it’s not like that. All this you can easily see and visit in one country — Kazakhstan.

Not everyone is aware of its rich tourist potential yet, but if you take a closer look, you will be surprised how great it is for tourism. Huge territory, variety of natural landscapes and climatic zones, modern infrastructure, and rich history — all this makes Kazakhstan one of the most interesting and unexplored tourist destinations. 

The Republic of Kazakhstan is located in the very center of Eurasia, and occupies an area of 2.75 million square kilometers (1.06 sq miles) — it is comparable to the area of all countries of Western Europe. Kazakhstan is among the top ten largest countries in the world (9th place). Most of the territory of Kazakhstan is located in Asia, and only a small part is in Europe. It is the only large country in the world that has no access to the sea but has its own marine fleet on the inland Caspian Sea

The population of Kazakhstan is 19 million people, which is quite small for such a vast territory, and the average population density is just under 7 people per square kilometer. One-fifth of the total population lives in the three megacities: Almaty, Nur-Sultan (the capital), and Shymkent
There are more than 130 nationalities and ethnic groups in Kazakhstan. The largest ethnic groups are Kazakhs (about 63% of the population), Russians, Uzbeks, Ukrainians, Germans, Tatars, and Uighurs. The state language is Kazakh. The Russian language has the status of the interethnic communication language. All information materials, signs, and inscriptions are necessarily duplicated in Russian and in some cases in English.

The national currency used throughout Kazakhstan is the tenge.

updated: 13 august 2021


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