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VIP/CIP-lounges at the airport in Astana

Nursultan Nazarbayev International Airport offers its passengers services in domestic and international VIP/CIP-lounges, which provide the following services:

  • Round-the-clock reception of advance passenger service requests
  • Registration of passengers and luggage for the flight
  • Passport and customs control assistance
  • Escorting passengers on boarding, including individual transport (in case of distant aircraft parking)
  • Meeting of arriving passengers with a nameplate and accompanying them to the VIP-lounge, including in a detached vehicle (if the aircraft is parked remotely)
  • Delivery of luggage of arriving passengers to the VIP-lounge terminal/accompaniment to the luggage reclaim belt
  • Lounge bar service (extra charge)


THE INTERNATINAL VIP/CIP-LOUNGE is separate and isolated from the rest of the airport complex. Here you can relax on the soft sofas, go through check-in for international flights, customs and passport control. On arrival you will be met by an airport employee in a separate transport.

The cost of services of the international VIP / CIP-lounge::

Arrival or departure (international flight): 93 USD per person (adults and accompanied children)

*Accompanied children under 3 years old - no charge
**Accompanied children at age from 4 to 15 years - 50% discount

Lounge bar service for passengers in the VIP-lounge (unaccompanied adults and children): 37 USD per person

You can book a VIP/CIP-lounge for your arrival/departure (international flight) by following this link


THE DOMESTIC VIP/CIP-LOINGE located to the right of the main entrance to the new passenger terminal. This lounge is offered to serve commercial, security and officials of the Republic of Kazakhstan who depart and arrive on domestic flights.

Arrival (domestic flight):      40 USD per person (unaccompanied adults and children). 
Departure (domestic flight): 53 USD per person (unaccompanied adults and children).

*Accompanied children under 3 years old - no charge
**Accompanied children at age from 4 to 15 years - 50% discount

You can book a VIP/CIP-lounge for your arrival (domestic flight) by following this link. 

You can book a VIP/CIP-lounge for your departure (domestic flight) by following this link. 


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