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Nature of Kazakhstan

Another unique feature of Kazakhstan is the abundance of natural resources. The country ranks 11th in the world in oil and gas reserves. Almost all minerals, including precious and semi-precious stones, are extracted, processed, and exported here. Kazakhstan is one of the world's exporters of diamonds.

Kazakhstan is home to ten nature reserves and thirteen national parks, which are a haven for many rare and endangered plants and animals. One of these rare plants is the wild Sivers apple tree, or Tien Shan apple tree, which many scientists consider the progenitor of all known apple varieties in the world.

Excursions to national parks and recreational areas are an obligatory part of the tourist programs of any tour operator in the country.

Natural Sights of Kazakhstan  

       •   Borovoye is a resort on the territory of the “Burabay” National Nature Park. A mountain oasis with numerous lakes in the north of Kazakhstan.
       •   Charyn Canyon – the canyon of the Charyn River, according to many tourists, is no less beautiful than the famous Grand Canyon in Colorado.
       •   Balkhash, Zaisan, and Alakol are large lakes in Kazakhstan. These are not only places where you can relax, they are also unique nature reserves.
       •   Altai is the cradle of civilizations. A place of beautiful wildlife, beautiful mountains, and unique historical sites.
       •   The Caspian Sea is an inland sea in the west of Kazakhstan, the largest lake in the world.    
       •   The Betpak-Dala Desert is a desert and semi-desert area in the south of Kazakhstan. The habitat of the saiga antelope, which is included in the Red Book.
       •   The Northern Tien Shan and its attractions: the mountain lakes Kolsay and Kayindy, numerous waterfalls, mountain plateaus, and peaks.
       •   Khan-Tengry Peak is the highest point in Kazakhstan and Central Asia. Its height is 6995 meters (22.949 ft )above sea level.
       •   The Karagiye Hollow is the lowest point (-132 meters (-433 ft) from sea level) in Kazakhstan and the entire territory of the former Soviet Union.
       •   Korgalzhyn Reserve is a unique wetland conservation site. The northernmost nesting ground of pink flamingos. It is included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
       •   Dzungarian Alatau is a national park and mountain range in southeastern Kazakhstan with unique natural and historical sites. The place of the greatest natural growth of the wild Sivers apple tree, the progenitor of modern apple trees.
       •   Aksu-Zhabagly is the oldest reserve in Kazakhstan, where the unique Greig tulip grows. Here is also the habitat of the rare snow leopard.
       •   The Mangystau Peninsula and Ustyurt Plateau, a plateau with unique shale formations resembling Martian landscapes. A reserve with unique flora and fauna, habitat of the Central Asian leopard, honey badger (ratel), and rare species of antelope.
       •   The Aral Sea is a drainless, drying, and disappearing sea. Due to improper irrigation policies, it has almost dried up at present. On the shallowed bottom of the Aral Sea, the remains of two settlements and the mausoleum of the XI-XIV centuries were found. 

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