Карточка гида: Анатолий
Отзывы: 2



Алматы, Алтын-Емель, Чарын, Кольсай, Большое Алматинское Озеро
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Номер в государственном реестре гидов: KZ79UWF00000532

Номер удостоверения гида: 00010


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13 декабря 2019, 20:30

Оценка: 10/10
Название оказанной услуги: 5 Days Trip to Almaty - An excellent experience to be cherished

I am extremely happy to take the opportunity to write a review for ACT Kazakhstan a tour organiser in Kazakhstan and who has arranged for my Almaty trip very recently. I couldn't have a better experience than this what I have gained from ACT.

A very professional organisation and on time work delivery. Starting from arranging for my LOI and get my details checked and approved by migration police was done seamlessly. A flawless service provider and I am extremely happy with their service and perfect professionalism.

My tour conductor was Miss Galina and without her this trip probably couldn't have been a successful. I was a solo female traveler and she had arranged for the most beautiful, safest hotel and all arrangements.

My guide Shayakhmet and my Cab Owner Anatoli become my friends ultimately. Apart from the expected professionalism they were way too caring for their guest.

A special mention about the last day in Almaty. My flight was in the early morning and it was heavily snowing since 2 am but Shayakhmet & Anatoli reached my hotel sharp at 4 AM in the morning and drop me at Airport and waited there till the time I completed by check-in and boarded my flight.

Amazing experience and for any of my next trip to Kazakhstan I will certainly go ahead with ACT.
I very happy to write this review for them.

Ольга Малахова
24 июня 2018, 20:11

Оценка: 10/10
Название оказанной услуги: Вертолетная экскурсия

Огромное спасибо!
Все очень понравилось!